Plantarium Garden Lab

Beachworld “Gift Box”

Educational games Interactive for kids and teens

In our interactive educational games with nutritive gel seeds give life to plants and flowers, educating children and adults to respect for the environment and love for nature. Learn by interacting with nature is easy and fun!

From NASA technology and our passion for nature arise educational ecosystems of TAOS. The life is the common thread: all our products carry a living message, that you can hold in your hand.

In our biospheres the life of a small ecosystem continues thanks to the perfect balance that only a perfect nature can create.

Interactive educational games that have life inside, literally!


Beachworld biospheres in Miniature

Beachworld Together Black sand 12,5cm


Beachworld biospheres in Miniature

Beachworld Limited Edition Acquarium


Antquarium laboratory for ants and plants

Super Forest Ant with LED light – the world of ants


Plantarium botanical activities-educational interactive games

Inflatable mini greenhouse – Moon Greenhouse