Educational products

Interact with science

TAOS (The Art of Science) has the living ecosystems do-it-yourself tested in space

NASA technology and our passion for nature educational products of TAOS. The life is the common thread: all our products carry a living message.

In our products with nutritive gel seeds give life to plants and flowers, teaching respect for the environment and love for nature. In our biospheres the life of a small ecosystem continues thanks to the perfect balance that only a perfect nature can create. Have life inside, literally!

The boys will become scientists and will autonomously run genuine scientific experiments for discovering nature through the use of physics and chemistry. They are ideal for learning while having fun and sharing with parents teaching scientific discoveries.

Marine ecosystems for kids

TAOS education products use, unique in the world, Nasa technology, doing science an art form. This is clearly visible in the product Beachworld, hermetically sealed marine ecosystems that take the life from natural elements such as light and heat. Suitable in particular for an adult audience, as real collectible items and furniture; but also perfect for teaching kids the continuation of life.

The same scientific principle (the reproduction of life in a small world) is applied in the production of educational games for children by TAOS. They are divided into two ranges: Plantarium for growing plants, and Antquarium for study and breeding of the ants. The evolution of these two educational activities is born Forest Ant; plants and ants in perfect balance, as in nature, to observe and study every day.

Activities of Botany and greenhouses bouncy castle for kids

From aerospace experience and thanks to the continuous collaboration of Taos with NASA scientists, has created a growing kits, collecting and cataloging that will lead the boys to face the coming season with many Educational Products and entertaining.

The magical Gel will sow and grow 4 different plants: Basil, bell pepper, Cucumber and sunflower; Once grown will be transplanted into pots provided along with torbe of Earth. A good job that will allow you to learn about plant life starting right from the roots. But it doesn’t end there; the plants should be planted in the greenhouse (almost like the one used by astronauts in space test), supplied in the kit; to see them grow and grow stronger day by day, thanks to the daily care that young botanists working at seedlings. Once developed the leaves and roots can be collected to be catalogued in the Herbarium provided in this package, or they can be replanted in the garden or in pots on the windowsill in the kitchen.

Interact with nature: educational and ecological colored vials

Plantarium PET, just a nice educational product, eco-friendly and reusable. PET ecological plastic vials with coloured gel, non-toxic and patented, are the right gift idea to impress young and old. Give a vial with tomato seeds and then wait until the plant with its yellow flowers give the tasty and round fruit. Daykon, seeds Or seeded Japanese radish now so also known by us. So many seeds and many colors. Easy and natural!