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Visit the accessories section TAOS! You can add a base led to your Beachworld to make it an attractive piece of furniture. You can get special lamps for lighting your mini ecosystems without fear of damaging them. You can buy Chargers and adapters. Or simply you can order seeds for plants or new shrimp in place of your own mini biosphere is alive!
Our accessories help ensure compatibility with products that TAOS and durability.
Order them now, will receive them in a few days with a courier!
TAOS interactive educational games for your accessories
NASA technology and our passion for nature arise educational ecosystems of TAOS. The life is the common thread: all our products carry a living message.
In our products with nutritive gel seeds give life to plants and flowers, teaching respect for the environment and love for nature. In our biospheres the life of a small ecosystem continues thanks to the perfect balance that only a perfect nature can create. Have life inside, literally!

Antquarium laboratory for ants and plants

Forest Ant gel refill: new life into your ecosystem!


Plantarium botanical activities-educational interactive games

Plantarium Gel Refill TAOS: new life to your plants!

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