Jumbo Beachworld decorating interiors with Exhibition-Big Sizes

From 20 years we created large sealed ecosystem, the Jumbo Beachworld Decorating interiors, used worldwide for decorating interiors of exhibitions, hotels, offices. Jumbo Beachworld Decorating interiors are giant ecosystems designed to exposure in the places they want to portray these self-sufficient worlds in large scale for guests and visitors. While illustrating science and art, explain the environment we live in and how it works.

These spectacular exhibition spheres contain hundreds of shrimp from some Pacific Islands. They are distributed around the worold under NASA license in the best shops of science, nature and objects. You can find them for example at the UN building in Vienna, in Hamleis in London, Millionair Fair in Brussels, Laie Cosmo Caixa of Barcelona
We have created dozens of giant spheres for institutions and societies in Europe and United States.
Each sphere can be made on request and customized to meet the various space and aesthetic needs of any society. All our spheres are low maintenance and great visual impact.

Design and planning

We can supply giant ecosystems for decorating interiors of exhibitions comprehensively and customized to meet any architectural requirement or design. TAOS cooperates and works with the best architects in the world to design world-class science exhibitions. We specialize in science exhibitions and aquatic, biological and aquatic projects consultancy, and other exhibitions.

Ever since it was created the first Jumbo Beachworld Decorating interiors, we offered a complete turnkey system, with custom cabinets to suit any color scheme or decoration. Our projects provide a work closely with exhibit designers and highly recommend working closely with these designers, in the conceptual phase of your program.

For custom pedestals, used as a support to Exhibition Beachworld, you should consider the material, the colour scheme and the flow of visitors.
We have built many items for limited and high-flow areas, from Headquarters management to areas much visited.

  • A metal support structure
  • A “round” to adequately support the glass
  • Personalized glass ball
  • The inner core of the sphere
  • Biological elements (shrimp, seaweed, sea water)
  • Materials, colors or theme decorations for the pedestal outside shell.

All these elements together make up a high-impact exposure that will make your property unique. We also support you when planning your ecosystem by exposure of any size and with any style, putting at your disposal our technical and architectural skills.

Pedestal base options

Here is presented the standard inner steel support pedestal (red background) for the Exhibition Beachworld, 30 diameter “(750 mm). These structures are standard for spheres with a diameter of 24 “(600 mm), 30” (750 mm), 40 (1000 mm) and usually are anchored to the floor. Subsequently, the custom outside nut pedestal is placed on a steel support (can be added graphic signs and light boxes).

Custom pedestal bases

Custom pedestal bases can be designed and created according to your specific needs. These bases, 42 “high (1000 mm), can be constructed to fit any decorating theme or project required. Can be constructed in marble, wood, or acrylic.
Prices vary depending on the material and the project you specify. The delivery time is 8-14 weeks. Other options include: a rotating pedestal, graphics, lights and overhead lighting, recordings sound loops EPROM.
Many years of experience in creating exhibits for interior furnishing allows us to build a pedestal for the special requirements of your facility. The materials we use most commonly in previous designs include Formica ®, Corian ®, Avonite ®, stainless steel, hard wood and acrylic.

Custom stand construction

All the projects that we have built so far have been almost always custom, or better adapted to the architectural context of the specific location at which they were intended. We can customize the pedestal of your Jumbo Beachworld Decorating interiors in order to make it a unique design project and contextualized. You send us your ideas, themes, and the location of your Exhibition Beachworld, we’ll take care of the basic elements and their customization.

Product price list

The prices listed below include the sphere, the safety ring and the steel support stand, except 12 “and 14” diameter items that do not require a stand.
Prices do not include the stand outside nuts, why they are countless design options, materials, colors, etc., installation costs vary depending on the location and complexity of site logistics.

Price list standard basics

Diameter inches Diameter cm Capacity Price
15.2 (38 cm) 22 L € 2,400
19.2? (48 cm) 45 L € 5,200
23.2 “ (58 cm) 80 L £ 9,700
30 “ (75 cm) 200 L € 14,500
39 “ (103 cm) 500 L £ 23,000
Support pedestal included (not installed)

Customization options

Sphere diameter Rotary mechanism
(for the pedestal steel support)
Loop recording Audio Eprom with speaker
24 “ € 4,200 € 890
30 “ € 5,400 € 890
39 “ € 7,200 € 890

This does not include installation costs, i.e. travel/accommodation for the staff, packing, shipping and insurance in place against the glass to break. These entries will be included in a full quote based on detailed information about the location and timing of implementation.

Rental and leasing programs

Over the years some customers have requested a program of leasing or rental for one event. We have designed a program just for those groups that require seasonal or exposure with interior decorating program rolling and travelling exhibitions. For more information about the rental/leasing, please contact us. We can provide you with costs and ideas on how to install and display correctly these exceptional pieces.
All returns are subject to a restocking fee of 15% on the price of renting/leasing.

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