E'Vivo Mini Ecosystem

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E’Vivo Mini Ecosystem DIY

From NASA technology and our passion for science borns E’Vivo Mini Ecosystem DIY Educational TAOS. Buy them now!

E’Vivo! is a biologically balanced environment, in which they live small reared shrimp, which interact with the other elements of this aquatic ecosystem in miniature plastic material.

Imagine an aquarium where you never need to feed its inhabitants, and you never need to clean. It would seem a Saga subject of Harry Potter, but it is not. It ‘a new concept of self-sustaining ecosystem that appeals to young and old. What arouses the curiosity of all those who see it above all allows youngsters to try their hand in assembling one by one the elements that compose it and then say “This Ecosystem I did it!”.

A nice educational and scientific product with which passionate, to learn to understand how it is done every ecosystem of the world.

Living Ecosystems DIY

E’Vivo! is an aquatic ecosystem Do-it-yourself environmentally friendly plastic PET, equipped with all the necessary elements to be able to directly create at home or at school: small spores of micro algae produce oxygen and food through photosynthesis. The shrimp use oxygen and eating the micro algae generating carbon dioxide. In turn, this is reused from micro algae that transform again in food and air.

From the outside they should only reach the light (of day or electric) and air (once a month).

Each biosphere with shrimp is a unique exemplary, there are no two identical!

E'Vivo Mini Ecosystem

E’Vivo! DIY mini Aquarium